Ozaukee Washington Land Trust

We Went Green

Go Green!katie

Saturday, May 5 was our 5th Annual Go Green event and it was a great success.

Every year in early May Girl Scout troops from around the Milwaukee area join us to learn about the environment, land stewardship practices and volunteering.

This time 120 Girl Scouts and 30 moms came out with boots on their feet and smiles on their faces.

They descended upon our Kratzsch Conservancy in Newburg where they helped us to blaze a trail, remove invasive shrubs and build a boat rest area along theMilwaukeeRiver. Along the way they learned about native fish from a local expert and wildlife monitoring from our Conserv ation Specialist Katie “Tree” Weber. (Pictured showing off tadpoles)

Tree? We found out that Girl Scouts give each other camp nicknames to make everyone feel comfortable. They had names like “Raccoon,” “Goofball,” and “Fluffy.” We liked the idea, so by the end of the day Shawn Graff became “Sugarcube, "Mike Hoffer was “Mayonaisse” and Steve Henkel was “Bambi.”

We might just keep the nicknames.