Ozaukee Washington Land Trust

OWLT Nature Preserves Update

Preserves Remain Open - Help us keep them that way!

In light of the decision to close Wisconsin State Parks due to overcrowding and vandalism, we wanted to let you know that Ozaukee Washington Land Trust nature preserves remain 100% free and open to the public.

We were all dismayed to learn that a few people making destructive decisions could rob us all of our Wisconsin State Parks. 

However, at a time when our community needs access to nature more than ever, we are hopeful that we can keep our preserves open because we know we can count on YOU.

In fact, one of the first messages we received today was from one of our supporters: 

"After getting the news about the Wisconsin State Parks closing, I would like to offer my services to assist in any cleanup and management work that might need to be done on the land trust properties. Please keep them open. I have a brigade of other families I can mobilize if it’s helpful too!"  - Erin, Mother of Two, Village of Bayside

We know the closure of State Parks will put more demand on our nature preserves. You can help, by reviewing our Preserve Guidelines.

On top of helpful activities like practicing leave no trace and packing out all waste and recyclables, there are additional ways we can all ensure our nature preserves remain free and open during this emergency.

  1. Small Parking Lots & Big Preserves. The small size of our parking areas vs. the large size of our nature preserves will help manage the number of users on a nature preserve at one time. If a parking lot is full, please move on to discover another nearby nature preserve and obey all local parking regulations (i.e. no street parking in certain municipalities).
  2. See Something, Say Something. Our wonderful members and neighbors are our eyes and ears on nature preserves helping us know what's happening on our 2,000+ acres with public access. If you see something that causes concern contact our staff at or call 262-338-1794, or if you suspect illicit behavior contact the appropriate law enforcement.
  3. Stepping up Security. Law enforcement regularly patrol our nature preserves and use the parking areas to patrol traffic and discourage illegal activity. Additionally, we are installing more camouflaged security cameras in known problem areas, and our full-time Stewardship staff continues to monitor and maintain the nature preserves.
  4. Preserves are 100% free & open. We're facing unprecedented demand on our preserves and Ozaukee Washington Land Trust's mission has never been more important. Your donation will help us maintain our more than 30 nature preserves and help us as we work to permanently protect even more of the places that make our corner of Wisconsin special. DONATE

If you have any suggestions for us or questions please contact me at . We hope for your continued health and happiness during these challenging times. Additionally, we hope your household continues to enjoy our nature preserves.


Tom Stolp

Executive Director