Ozaukee Washington Land Trust

FBMP Hawk Watch News

Forest Beach Migratory Preserve in Ozaukee County has its hawk watch platform ready for this fall. See:


There's going to be a dedication ceremony on October 9th; see:

Dates of "official" hawk watches for this fall at this location are in the works, and will be posted here on the birdnet...but there's no reason you have to wait for that. If you sense conditions are right for a good hawk flight, just go out there! And if you are very confident regarding your raptor ID skills, please do a few things, if you're willing. As much as some of us would like to, we can't be there every day that has appropriate conditions, so we need more hands and eyes on more days. To see how this is done, try going to http://hawkcount.org to learn a bit more first. Talk to me about this beforehand, (again, if you're willing).You can send your data to me in an e-mail, or call me and read it to me over the phone. If you DON"T want to do anything that "official", that's fine - we'll still be interested in what you see.

If you are interested in finding out more about official dates, updates, or more info, just contact me here - there are a lot of possibilities.