Ozaukee Washington Land Trust

Elaine and Clint earn national honors

clintElaine Gauthier and Clint, (Mr. Marshall Clint, his registered name) her horse have earned second place nationally. Elaine will receive the award for both, named for their accomplishments in the Amateur "Trail" division of the American Ranch Horse Association. Clint has earned titles of 'American Ranch Horse Association Champion', 'Superior Event Horse' in Trail, and Register of Merit in Conformation titles.

A 'Trail' class involves very precise movements with your horse maneuvering in, at, and around obstacles. The Trail Course must include the following obstacles: opening and closing a gate, crossing a bridge, roping a dummy steer, and trailer loading. Other maneuvers are/but not limited to: trotting over poles, side passing a pole, from left to right or right to left, loping over poles, backing around cones, backing a straight line, loping on a left lead or right lead, counter cantering.

Elaine attends at least four shows outside of Wisconsin in MI, IN, MO, TN and four shows in Wisconsin each year. She does not want to know what she spends in diesel fuel annually!

Mr. Marshall Clint and Elaine carry the American Flag for the National Anthem at the WI shows. "This is a very touching honor, and every time I do this I get a big lump in my throat. The flag represents "Freedom" being able to attend these shows. Thousands of people have given their life for my "Freedom," commented Elaine.

Elaine is the daily accountant for OWLT. She has been instrumental in moving the trust to an accrual bookkeeping system, and streamlining accounting procedures.