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Your gift to OWLT is an investment…

Through it, you are improving the water quality of ourlakes, streams, rivers and wetlands; protecting, restoring, and enhancing critical wildlife habitat;and preserving the scenic open spaces defining our rural landscape. Our OWLT Team is proud topartner with you in these vital conservation efforts!

More specifically, together we are making an impact in just a few of these ways:

  • We are keeping our very special wild places free and open to the public, providingplaces for recreation and renewal.
  • We are advancing restoration efforts with invasive removal and native plantings onproperties we own and properties on which we partner with landowners, including acontiguous 27 mile stretch along Lake Michigan.
  • We are protecting woodlands and wetlands along the Milwaukee River and LakeMichigan shoreline as part of our “Great Rivers, Great Lakes Campaign,” preservinganother 2,000 acres for the public in perpetuity.

You are accomplishing all of these things – and more! – with your difference-making financialsupport. We are grateful for your investment in our mission and our work, and we celebrateyour impact and commitment to conservation that lasts forever.

Grateful for your support

Giving of stock

Make a bigger impact by donating long-term appreciated securities, including stock, bonds, andmutual funds, directly to charity.

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Schools Four Generations

Gift Match

Did you know many companies offer a matching gift program to encourage philanthropy amongtheir employees?

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Earth Day

Legacy Giving

There is yet another way for you to express your commitment to land preservation, water quality,and habitat restoration.

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Great Lakes

Great River, Great Lakes Campaign

Restoration of critical land and habitat along the Lake Michigan shoreline and in Milwaukee River.

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Kohl's Cares 1

Business Partner Program

We share an inherent responsibility to nurture our community, invest in our special places, and protect its beauty.

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Kohl's Cares 2

Project-specific giving

You’ve helped us preserve some very special and significant places. We could really use your help with our continued caretaking of them.

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