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December 2020 Stew News


As 2020 comes to a close we are thrilled with the achievements we were able to accomplish during a challenging year. Thank you to dedicated volunteers and supporters that helped us achieve many predetermined tasks.

We would like to wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season. Happy New Year!


Prescribed Management

All ecosystems depend on disturbance to complete their functional cycle. Most notably prairie ecosystems thrive on disturbance to set back succession. Succession is defined as the evolution over time of the composition and structure of a biological community. 

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November 2020 eNews

I want to take some time in the eNews to share a heartfelt thanks to all of you, our wonderful supporters. Without you we would not be able to achieve the OWLT mission.

This year is a true testament to the value of providing free and open outdoor spaces to the community. Our preserves provide natural settings that offer opportunities for recreation, reflection, and refuge. Thank you for supporting the preserves that serve so many people. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday filled with peace, good food, and some special time on the trails.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tom Stolp

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October 2020 Stew News

Oct header

We hope you have been able to enjoy the autumn colors on the preserves. Now is a great time to appreciate the transitional beauty of nature. Remember to not only dress warm, but wear bright colors since it is hunting season.

Highlighting Donges Bay Gorge Nature Preserve Volunteers

OWLT would like to thank two local groups for their dedicated service at Donges Bay Gorge Nature Preserve.

Green Tree Garden Club had eight workdays with the Stew Crew at the preserve this year. In the spring, they helped remove garlic mustard and dames rocket. They also helped with trail maintenance and woody invasive species control of buckthorn, honeysuckle, and Japanese barberry. 

The Service Club of Milwaukee(pictured above) joined the Stew Crew for a recent workday to assist with the invasive species control of buckthorn. They have committed to continue this work during another workday later this fall.


OWLT would like to thank Tom Kroeger, adviser and volunteer, for his commitment to conservation.

A special thank you to Tom for his efforts throughout the seasons at tackle a variety of invasive plants species on the preserve.

OWLT would like to thank Rick Schnell, volunteer, for dedication to nature and the community.

Thank you to Rick for his help in removing garlic mustard and dames rocket. In addition, he is actively involved in management and monitoring of the preserve.

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September 2020 E-News

Sept header

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well during these challenging times. There are tremendous hardships that many in our community are facing. Job losses, the challenges of educating our children while maintaining our community’s health, or being unable to visit loved ones because of health concerns.

I find myself missing the in-person chats with our members at casual meet-ups and gatherings. At this time during the year, I am especially missing our annual fundraising dinner, which for over twenty years has signaled a sort of homecoming for many of our supporters; a return from summer vacation to the more structured work, school, and social calendars that autumn brings. Our Board of Directors and staff look forward to seeing everyone when we can once again gather together.

We are as busy as ever at OWLT. As you are aware, we are in the early stages of raising funds to Conserve Cedar Gorge Clay Bluffs. Within the next month, you will be receiving our autumn appeal packet, which includes information regarding this endeavor.

Please take some time to review the information and reflect on how nature has impacted your life, especially during these challenging times. Giving the gift of free open land to the community is a priceless act of charity for today, tomorrow and forever.

Tom Stolp Executive Director

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August 2020 Stew News


We have had a busy summer creating new ways to effectively achieve the OWLT mission. We want to recognize all the faithful supporters and volunteers for helping us achieve many goals. This issue will highlight some of our Mission in Action successes.

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July 2020 E-News

July 2020 e-News

Outdoor spaces are bustling with activity as people continue to seek areas for recreation and relaxation. It has been comforting knowing that OWLT could be there for the community over the last several months by keeping the preserves open for essential outdoor activities.

Now that summer has graced us with her presence we continue to witness a steady uptick in community enjoyment of our wildlife habitats. We thank you, our supporters, for your dedication that has made it possible for the wonderful mission of OWLT to reach so many as we "protect today and preserve forever!"

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Gathering Waters- Press Release


July 20, 2020


Mike Carlson, Executive Director

Gathering Waters: Wisconsin's Alliance for Land Trusts

608-251-9131 X13  

Making Allies for Healthier Communities Earns
Wisconsin's 2020 Rod Nilsestuen Award for Working Lands Preservation

(MADISON, July 20, 2020) – The recipient of Wisconsin’s 2020 Rod Nilsestuen Award for Working Lands Preservation is not a person, but a partnership: Making Allies for Healthier Communities.

The partnership, based in southeast Wisconsin, was created to protect farmland and provide a livelihood and the opportunity for land ownership for immigrant or beginning farmers. By protecting farmland near the urban center of Milwaukee, farmers will be able to continue to grow fruits and vegetables and sell them at farmers’ markets in Milwaukee’s underserved communities. Using sustainable farming practices, the farmers build healthy soils and help improve the water quality in the Milwaukee River watershed and Lake Michigan.

This effort closely aligns with the criteria for the Rod Nilsestuen Award for Working Lands Preservation, which acknowledges an individual or an organization that shows a commitment to the preservation of Wisconsin’s working lands. Gathering Waters: Wisconsin’s Alliance for Land Trusts is pleased to bestow this award on the Making Allies for Healthier Communities partnership.

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