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December 2021 eNews/Stew News

December 2021 - YEAR-END WRAP-UP - eNews/Stew News

We are strong on this journey together

I feel a great privilege in witnessing the powerful acts of generosity and kindness on display in the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust community. I recently received one such generous letter from a Land Trust supporter that touched me and filled me with gratitude. With their permission, I am sharing with you.
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November 2021 eNews

Youth Stewardship Program
Creating Environmental Leaders: OWLT Interns 2021

“We are working to be more effective and efficient,” Leah Chybowski responded to the question on what made her experience at OWLT different then past internships at other nature based organizations. “For example, it is new to see how choices are made at a non-profit versus the national parks. Planning needs to be based on funding and strategic choices need to be made as a result.”

The conversation with the 2021 seasonal interns continued as the foursome, Zoe Zangl, Leah Chybowski, Jensen Kuehn, and Goulobsavanh Celine Saypanya, chatted about working on team based strategic planning, noting that in order to be successful “everyone has to be a critical thinker.” Jensen pointed out that the team is “small so we all have to be in the know”, but it also gives you the “freedom to do things that you think are important and time-sensitive, without the ‘red tape’.” It is a valuable learning experience.

Creating leaders through team based strategic planning, critical thinking, and hands-on experience.

Thank you to all the participants for making it a very special evening!
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October 2021 Stew News

Autumn Harvest of Activities

As we reflect on the year's activities,

during this autumn season,

we are overwhelmed with delight

at the harvest bounty of achievements.

So bursting in full color

for your aesthetic enjoyment,

this issue of the Stew News

is a photo collage of some highlights.


Enjoy your digital OWLT Stewardship autumn color tour!!!

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September 2021 eNews

Comfortably Elegant Camaraderie

The sold-out Pairings on the Preserves event

was referred to by several guests as


The experience included independent exploration of a private farm conservation easement and engaging camaraderie. Unique small plate delicacies, prepared by The Norbert/The Orville, were paired with local wines from Cedar Creek Winery. These pairings were enjoyed in a casual food tour format while listening to soothing music performed by CITYSCAPE with Dennis Klopfer.

Thank you to all the participants for making it a very special evening!
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August 2021 Stew News

Creativity, Collaboration, and Capra hircus

A deeper look into the Grazing Goat Crew project

Since the Grazing Goat Crew is returning for their second graze in 2021, we wanted to take the time to share a bit more about the story by answering some common questions and providing a bit more insight into the project history and current challenges.

In Spring 2020, OWLT teamed up with the Mequon-Thiensville Sunrise Rotary Club to welcome a team of domestic goats (Capra hircus) to Pukaite Woods to help with the management of invasive buckthorn and honeysuckle.

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July 2021 eNews

From Resilience to Recovery!

Message from Board of Directors - 2018-2021 President, Marjie Tomter

Shortly after I took office as the President of the Board of Directors, Tom Stolp and I were standing in the field on the west side of the Cedar Gorge Clay Bluffs land. We were recording a little video for social media to air the next day about how excited we were to have purchased this significant parcel on the shore of Lake Michigan. I was so excited.

At that time, our acquisition of the land was linked to a developer who was going to sell us a portion of the property and develop the rest as a vineyard and private homes… a very forward-thinking idea. Due to unforeseen circumstances with the developer, unfortunately, the closing did not happen. However, the story doesn’t begin or end there…

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June 2021 Stew News

Volunteer work on the Preserves!

OWLT has had a busy couple of months working diligently at the preserves. Spring has flown by and introduced ongoing and new stewardship tasks for the summer. We are so thankful for the volunteers that have helped make many successes possible. Several workdays are on the calendar and volunteers are always needed. Join us!

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Employment Opportunity - Communications & Engagement Coordinator

Ozaukee Washington Land Trust (OWLT) is seeking a dedicated individual with a passion for conservation, a creative vision and skill to communicate the needs of OWLT, and the ability to motivate others to support our mission through engagement.  

Communications & Engagement Coordinator


  • Impeccable writing and speaking skills to create compelling messages to supporters.
  • Ability to create elegantly designed publications for print and web.
  • Proven track record of building professional relationships and passion for connecting people to an organization’s mission.
  • Driven leader who is ready to take ownership and provide thought leadership. We are not a team of micromanagers - we are team players!
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