Ozaukee Washington Land Trust

Do I have to get a “public” or “private lands” license when purchasing my hunting tags?

If you are purchasing a doe tag for deer hunting you must request a “public lands” tag. For all other deer and hunting licenses you must request a “private lands” tag.

Can I hunt in rivers or on lakes that are public lands even though I have to walk on your property?

Yes, rivers, lakes, ponds and streams are considered "waters of the state." If you are hunting from a boat or in the water, you are only subject to state hunting laws. We require the following:

  • Please keep your gun in a case while walking through a preserve.
  • We do not allow motorized vehicles on our preserves. If you wish to bring a boat to the water you must carry it or use a self-propelled device.
  • Be respectful to our visitors.

Can I use a treestands or blind on OWLT properties?

Yes, you can use treestands and blinds on both Open and Managed Access sites. However, you must remove the treestand or blind if you are hunting an Open Access site – both during the day if you are leaving for lunch and at the end of each day. Basically, if you are not occupying the stand you have to remove it from the property.

Can I use trail cameras on OWLT properties?

Yes. Trail cameras are allowed and welcome as long as you do not use any kind of screw or tree damaging device to attach the camera. You are not allowed to cut/remove vegetation to create a view shed for the camera either. Placing cameras is at your own risk – OWLT does not take responsibility for lost or stolen equipment.

On which OWLT properties can I hunt?

We allow hunting on 18 of our preserves. They are as follows:

  • Cedarburg Environmental Study Area (Cedarburg)
  • Center Lane Preserve (Saukville)
  • County Line Preserve (Saukville)
  • Decorah Woods (West Bend)
  • Fellenz Woods (Trenton)
  • Forest Beach Migratory Preserve (Port Washington / Belgium)
  • Huiras Lake State Natural Area (Fredonia)
  • Kratzsch Conservancy (Newburg)
  • Lake 12 (Farmington)
  • Lynn Preserve (Boltonville)
  • Mayhew Preserve (Farmington)
  • MacLaurin Woods (Saukville)
  • Newark Lore Preserve (Trenton)
  • Riverbend Conservancy (Trenton)
  • South Oak Preserve (Trenton)
  • Schoofs Preserve (Erin)
  • Spirit Lake Preserve (Mequon)
  • Wendt Preserve (Wayne)

Please refer to our Site-Specific Hunting Policies Page to learn more about preserves that interest you.

Am I required to submit a harvest report after harvesting game?

Yes. You have two days to submit a harvest report to Stewardship Director Ryan Wallin at to be in compliance. This is important for us to keep track of our

Can I bring my son or daughter along?

Yes. If you have a permission letter to hunt an OWLT preserve you can bring a minor as long as they are accompanied by you. If your son or daughter is of legal hunting age, they must have their own permission letter.