Ozaukee Washington Land Trust

Great Rivers, Great Lakes Campaign

Our core OWLT mission-based efforts involve the acquisition, protection and restoration of critical land and habitat along the Lake Michigan shoreline and in Milwaukee River watershed, often through special focused campaigns like our “Great Rivers, Great Lakes.”

We have accomplished about 50% of our Great Rivers, Great Lakes Campaign goals since its inception in 2015. Over the past three years, we have already made a profound difference in the protection and the health of the Lake Michigan shoreline and Milwaukee River watershed through strategic acquisition, protection, and restoration of nearly 1,000 acres of environmentally significant land. In short, an investment in Great Rivers, Great Lakes is an investment in clean drinking water, free and publically accessible recreational areas, and essential job-creating commerce in our region.

But we’re not finished with our work – and we need your help. With your help, we can complete our work on our Great Rivers, Great Lakes Campaign by 2021 and make a lasting impact for generations to come. With your investment, you will help fund the acquisition and preservation of another 1,000 acres of environmentally significant land – effectively doubling the expanse of land we will protect, preserve, and pass on as part of Great Rivers, Great Lakes. Together, we can continue to protect critical wildlife habitat and ensure the preservation of some of the most unique scenic and wild open spaces that define the Ozaukee and Washington County landscapes.

These outcomes will have a direct effect on improving the quality of water flowing into the Lake Michigan and Milwaukee River basins through wetland buffering, habitat restoration, increased surface water infiltration, decreased sedimentation and preservation of prime farmland. The targeted land protection means more lands left for existing agricultural use, conservation, restoration and outdoor nature-based recreational opportunities, such as hiking, bird watching, hunting, fishing and increased public access to local waterways.

OWLT is very proud to lead forward the Great Rivers, Great Lakes Campaign – and we’d be honored to have you join with us too.

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