Ozaukee Washington Land Trust

Treasures of Oz: Eco Fair

Non OWLT events
06/15/2019 9:00 am - 3:00 pm


This year, our TENTH year, we have five sites in addition to our headquarters at *Forest Beach Migratory Preserve IFBMP). We are looking at the partnership of art and our parks and preserves.

Virmond Park in Mequon will highlight changes that are happening. Plus, the chimney swift tower has been tiled by local students.

*Cedarburg Environmental Study Area (CESA) will investigate the wonders of ants (yes, ants. It's amazing.)... and Andrew Musil’s artistry

*Hames Preserve In Waubeka on the Milwaukee River will feature water safety with the Feith branch of the Kettle Moraine YMCA, OWLT staff and Hal Rammel, a photographer who is documenting the Preserve.

*Sauk Creek Nature Preserve in Port Washington (the first OWLT property) will feature art and habitat restoration and artist Rise Andersen.

Birchwood Hills Park in Port Washington is being welcomed into the array of outdoor spots in our county, demonstrating what local residents can achieve.

*FBMP will have the Monarch Butterfly Project plus music, presentations, the auction, and the 5-star bird hotel. Plus art by Nicole Shaver

For more information, visit https://treasuresofoz.org/2019-eco-tour

*OWLT preserve