Ozaukee Washington Land Trust


Summary History of the Depot & Its Area
by James H. Yanke
Retired C&NW Conductor, Author “The C&NW Air Line”
1900: Constructed, replacing an earlier structure. Its dimensions are 20 feet by 90 feet. Surrounding buildings included a freight depot, a water tower, section house, gas shed, stock pens, scale house, coaling station, signal maintainer's home, and pump house.
1907: Watchmen's houses installed at Water and Division (Washington) streets.
1918: Water tower was replaced and a hog sprinkler was installed.
1920's: A drinking fountain and electric lights were installed.
1930's: A portion of the stock pens, the coaling station, and the oil house were retired. A new fueling station was constructed.
1940's: The Howe scale in the depot, the remaining stock pens, and the hog sprinkler were retired.
1950's: The water station facilities were retired and flashing signals were installed. The flagmen's cabins at Water and Division (Washington) streets, the mechanical coal station, and a portion of the freight station were retired.
1962: The section tool house was retired.
1971: Passenger service to West Bend ended in April.
1983: The West Bend depot is closed and used as a sectionmen's house.
2009-2010: The depot is restored to its early 1900's appearance and becomes the offices of the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust.