Ozaukee Washington Land Trust

Shannon Buending

Shannon Buending is a lifelong resident of Wisconsin.  Her commitment to animal welfare and the environment started as a child.  This commitment continues today with her personal and professional experiences. Shannon earned two medical degrees which offered her the opportunity to work at several hospitals, clinics and medical facilities throughout Wisconsin.  Her first degree was focused in physical therapy for the geriatric population.  Her second degree was in diagnostic medical sonography with a focus in invasive procedures. 

Shannon’s professional work and volunteer roles, including animal foster care, cemented her desire to open a facility.  Shannon is the founder and president of Little Paws Animal Health Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the rate of euthanasia for animals in Wisconsin with affordable, high-volume health care and spay/neuter services.   Shannon’s vision is for the entire facility eventually to be a comprehensive cancer treatment and specialty center dedicated to animal wellness and public education.

In addition to her business and professional interests, Shannon’s passions are land conservation, habitat restoration, herpetology and wildlife.  Shannon enjoys her free time in the country with her family which includes her animals.