Ozaukee Washington Land Trust

2018 Approved Permit News Release

Permits Approved by WDNR for Chemical Treatment of Invasive Phragmites and Lyme grass in Sheboygan, Ozaukee, and Washington Counties

Working closely with property owners and organizational partners, Ozaukee Washington Land Trust (OWLT) has protected over 28 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline from problematic invasive plant species such as non-native Phragmites and Lyme grass since 2015.  The invasive, non-native variety of Phragmites threatens the ecological health of wetlands and the Great Lakes coastal shoreline. Invasive Phragmites creates tall, dense stands which degrade wetlands and coastal areas by crowding out wildlife habitat; reducing native fish and plant populations; blocking shoreline views; limiting access for swimming, fishing, and hunting; and creating fire hazards from dry plant material.  

OWLT’s work has not only served to identify Phragmites and Lyme grass populations, but also has advanced partnerships to help control their spread and mitigate their impact.

Under OWLT’s current Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funding, a second year of chemical treatments will occur in September 2018. The approved Chemical Aquatic Plant Control Application and Permit’s from WDNR are available for viewing below. In addition, chemical fact sheets for the herbicides to be used during treatment are available for viewing.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Christine at or (262) 338-1794.

Approved Chemical Aquatic Plant Control Application and Permit’s

pdfOWLT Approved SE-2018-46-1360 Ozaukee.pdf45.29 MB

pdfOWLT Approved SE-2018-67-1359 Washington.pdf3.02 MB

pdfLNRP Approved SE-2018 Sheboygan.pdf5.01 MB

Chemical Fact Sheets

pdfAquaNeat_MSDS.pdf38.33 KB

pdfPolaris_MSDS.pdf37.48 KB